“Surescripts has been EHNAC accredited since 2006. Our motivation at the time was multi-faceted including meeting state laws that required EHNAC accreditation and demonstrating we met Federal expectations such as HIPAA. Over the years, we’ve found even more value. Today our EHNAC accreditations are a source of pride for our employees and are displayed prominently in public spaces at our offices and on our website. They are also a differentiator for us with our customers who sought us out as a trusted partner. The EHNAC assessors are experts at what they do and their on-the-ground analysis means a lot to our customers. Our customers frequently take our accreditations in lieu of their own custom due-diligence questionnaires and assessments. 

But EHNAC accreditations include more than just security. The accreditations also show Surescripts is meeting high expectations in other important areas including privacy, availability, and customer service.”

– Bill Alfveby, Chief Information Security Officer


“Change Healthcare has been a longtime supporter of EHNAC and we have maintained our Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) Electronic Health Network (EHN) accreditation since 2001. The HNAP-EHN accreditation program includes a detailed criteria-based assessment and EHNAC audit and site reviews which accredited organizations must complete every two years to maintain accreditation. EHNAC accreditation programs are designed to validate and improve healthcare transactional quality, operational efficiency, and data privacy and security. The HNAP-EHN accreditation provides third-party assurance that we meet or exceed industry-established standards.”

– Mike Denison, Senior Director, Regulatory and Standards Compliance
Change Healthcare


“Having taken over Internal Audit in June 2018 and immediately stepping in to the EHNAC accreditation process helped me evaluate all of the policies and procedures related to security and privacy. Using the EHNAC criteria as a foundation, I was able to improve processes and procedures, the documentation of security systems, and make the security plan more robust. Having the EHNAC Reviewer on-site, validated that “We are doing the right thing.” for our organization and our clients.”

-Tim Galvin, CISA, CFE, Internal Audit
Payspan®, Inc.


“PatientMatters improves the financial performance of healthcare organizations by personalizing the patient financial experience. Patient data security is critical in all aspects of our business. The EHNAC accreditation is very important to us because it validates to our clients that we are committed to their security in everything we do with proven software, systems, and people.”

-Bryan Paul, VP, IT & Information Security Officer


“As the leading healthcare platform-as-a-service, PokitDok is revolutionizing how healthcare organizations bring new applications and services to market. After completing the OSAP-HIE and CEAP accreditations, we were confident that no auditor would be more thorough than EHNAC, nor have a better understanding of how data moves within healthcare. That’s why we selected them again when we decided to pursue HITRUST certification. Being the first company to complete the joint EHNAC & HITRUST assessment signifies to our customers that security is paramount with PokitDok.”

-Chris Kroner, Information Assurance Officer


“The EHNAC OSAP accreditation proves to our clients and potential clients that we maintain the highest standards and can be fully depended upon. In this environment of ever-changing laws, rules and regulations; it is more important than ever to know that the company you trust your practice with is always looking out for you and protecting your interests. This accreditation shows we are that company.”

-Thomas Wal, Chief Information Officer
Medical Account Services


“InstaMed integrates healthcare and payment transactions, two of the most regulated and scrutinized industries, so we place compliance and security as a top priority. The fact that we are the first organization to achieve the EHNAC HNAP and FSAP accreditations is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for security and enables us to grow the InstaMed Network securely.”

-Chris Seib, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder


“Becoming EHNAC MSO accredited not only exemplifies our organization’s commitment to comply with rigorous industry standards, it also complements our HIPAA Privacy and Security Program and has proven extremely beneficial in moving GBMC toward meeting Meaningful Use requirements around risk assessment and analysis.”

-Stacey L. McGreevy, CPA, Chief Audit Executive and Compliance Officer
GBMC HealthCare, Inc.


“EHNAC’s DTAAP accreditation not only lends credibility to our HISP services in the marketplace, it lets prospective customers know we are committed to adhering to the industry standards as far as the privacy, security and exchange of healthcare data. The EHNAC team was professional , helpful and a pleasure to deal with.”

-Bruce Schreiber, Chief Technology Officer


“DTAAP Accreditation represents the single best measure of adherence to policy and best practice recommendations surrounding Directed exchange.  This becomes a critical component to people and organizations within health care as they build their network of trusted recipients for Stage 2 Meaningful Use and beyond.”

-Andy Heeren, Director, CERN Network IP
Cerner Networks


“PNC is accredited by EHNAC for healthcare clearinghouse and healthcare lockbox services, and we are also proud to have met EHNAC requirements for 5010 readiness in July 2011. The EHNAC accreditation process has provided a rigorous independent assessment of our healthcare business processes, which has assisted us in providing continued excellent service to our provider and payer clients in a dynamic industry environment.”

– Jeff Troutman, Executive Vice President
PNC Healthcare


“EHNAC accreditation helps us do a conscientious review of all policies and procedures relating to security and privacy ‚ as well as our service delivery.”

– Teresa Rivera, Assistant Executive Director
Utah Health Information Network


“Whether Quadax is trying to get on an HIS vendor’s list of approved electronic health networks or selling to a private hospital system, EHNAC accreditation clearly communications and demonstrates our qualifications.”

– Thomas A. Kish, CEO, EDI Services
Quadax, Inc.


“EHNAC accreditations gives Passport a credible third-party endorsement demonstrating our adherence to industry standards for handling sensitive health care data. We have been extremely satisfied with the investment.”

– Keith Ely, President
Passport Health Communications, Inc.


“The accreditation and site visit were very much like consulting services to improve our workflow, documentation of systems and ultimately help improved our customer service.”

– Adam Forman, Vice President and General Counsel
Daw Systems, Inc.


“Since A2 is constantly dealing with data and security issues involving PHI, it’s not only important that we provide credibility, but also that we add strength to our products. Being accredited provides a stamp of approval from an independent source that shows them how secure our software program.”

– Stuart Newsome, VP, Business Development
Alpha II


“We are accredited with EHNAC because it demonstrates to our customers that not only do we know what we’re doing, but that we also have a very clear focus on how to obtain the outcomes they are looking for. That’s why GE invests in these kinds of things. It’s a good check for us, and a great assurance for our customers about the value they’re investing and getting from GE Healthcare.”

– Jon Zimmerman, General Manager, Clinical Business Solutions
GE Healthcare


“EHNAC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to meet the highest industry standards for security. EHNAC provided us the framework to give our healthcare providers access to advanced privacy measures, systems availability and security infrastructure and provide the highest level of stakeholder-trust.”

– Matt Anderson, AVP, Business Analysis