Accreditation Fees

Organization fees are based on revenue.

Each year, Accredited Organizations must submit Annual Revenue Verification to EHNAC.  For new organizations, this is submitted as part of the applicant process.

How to Determine an Organization’s Size

Revenue from an organization is defined as any services performed either electronically or paper-based that supports the program applied for. This includes all electronic transactions, patient statements, customer service, infrastructure, technical performance, business practices, privacy and security and resources.

The revenue from banking organizations is based on the size of their treasury management operations handling the healthcare services business line. Healthcare trading partners include such entities as providers (such as physicians and hospitals), labs and ancillary professionals, payers, medical supplies/distributors and pharmaceuticals.

Note: Six months of operating revenue must be provided to be considered for accreditation.


Fee Categories for All Programs
Size Revenue Amount Annual Fee Multiple Program Fee       Site Visit Fee/Site/Day [HISP P&S]  DTAAP-CA & RA PMSAP & EPCS SV Fee/Site/Day
Very Small Under $3M $3250 $1625 $4000 $6000
Small & Outsourced Orgs Greater Than $3 Less Than $8M $4250 $2125 $4000 $6000
Medium Greater Than $8 Less Than $20M $8500 $4250 $7000 $9000
Med/Large Greater Than $20 Less Than $50M $13000 $6500 $7000 $9000
Large Greater Than $50M Less Than $75M $20000 $10000 $7000 $9000
Very Large Greater Than $75M $26500 $13250 $7000 $9000

Note: Federal, state, and non-profit organizations are included in the Small Size above.

Annual Fee

For Accredited organizations, the Annual Fee is due every year prior to the anniversary of the accreditation date.  For new organizations, this is paid as part of the applicant process.

Multiple Program Fee

The Multiple Program Fee occurs when an organization applies for accreditation in more than one program. The Multiple Program Fee applies to each additional program(s) applied for and is based on the organization’s combined program revenues. This fee (or fees) is paid like the site visit on the accreditation year.

Outsourced Program

The Annual Fee is $4,250 per organization regardless of revenue. The Site Visit Fee is $4,000 per site regardless of the revenue.

Site Visit Days for DTAAP, PMSAP, CEAP & EPCS

If multiple programs are applied for and one of the programs is DTAAP, PMSAP, CEAP, or EPCS, an additional site visit day is required even if the location of the site visit is the same.

Site Visit Fees for Sites Outside the US

Site Visit Fees for sites that are Outside the US are $4000 per day in addition to the standard Site Visit per day Fees (plus travel expenses).  See International Travel Process for additional fee details.  See International Accreditation page for definitions and details.  Travel expenses are not included and will be invoiced after the site visit(s).

Re-accreditation Fees

The fee categories are the same for each accreditation. The Annual Fee is paid each year and all other fees are due every other year on the accreditation date.

CAQH CORE & DirectTrust.org members Discount

CORE certified entities and DirectTrust.org members can take advantage of a one-time discount. For CORE this applies to CORE Phase I and/or Phase II certified entities. The partnership program discount is $400 for organizations with annual revenue below $75 million, and $600 for organizations with annual revenue above $75 million. The entity will indicate that it is CORE certified or a DirectTrust.org member when submitting its Application. View http://www.caqh.org for more information about CORE certification.

Accredited Organizations Adding New Programs between Accreditation Cycles

If an accredited organization indicates a desire to add an additional program [other than DTAAP,PMSAP and EPCS] between accreditation cycles, and has the same sites to review, the Multiple Program Fee will apply, and a $2,000 desk review fee is also assessed. If there are additional sites to review, then the applicable Site Visit Fee and associated travel expense costs apply.

If the new program was added prior to the 1-year anniversary, then it was included in present/current accreditation. If the new program is added post the 1-year anniversary, then the candidate is accredited and bypasses the next accreditation cycle, unless there are changes.

Example if the accreditation date is 6/1/18 and the new program is added before 6/1/18 it will be incorporated into the current [2018] accreditation cycle and be included in the next [2020] accreditation. If the new program is added after 6/1/19 only changes will need to be reported during the next [2020] accreditation and it will be incorporated into the following [2022] accreditation cycle.

If an accredited organization adds either DTAAP and/or EPCS between their accreditation cycles, a Site Visit would be required to review the additional material that will be submitted in the Self-assessment.

Other Fees

In addition to the Site Visit Fee, when a self-assessment process requires subsequent resubmissions of the documentation to meet the criteria after the site visit is completed, there will be a charge of $200/hours for the site reviewer time per additional submission of documentation.

Lockbox Site Visits

For organizations with multiple lockbox facilities and for OSAP applicants that have sites that perform the same function, and which demonstrate adherence to the same policies and procedures, a site visit rotation will be used to accredit the candidate as shown in the following table. NOTE: This table provides guidelines only, as the number of sites requiring a visit may be increased based on such factors as newly acquired sites, sites that do not currently comply with standard policies and procedures, or other factors where additional visits are determined to be required.

No. of Sites Site Visits Required No. of Sites Site Visits Required No. of Sites Site Visits Required No. of Sites Site Visits Required
1 1 11 4 21 6 31 7
2 2 12 4 22 6 32 7
3 2 13 4 23 6 33 7
4 2 14 5 24 6 34 7
5 3 15 5 25 6 35 8
6 3 16 5 26 6 36 8
7 3 17 5 27 7 37 8
8 3 18 5 28 7 38 8
9 4 19 5 29 7 39 8
10 4 20 6 30 7 40 8


Estimated Fees

To compute your estimated fees, please click here for a cost calculation table.