DirectTrust Privacy and Security

DirectTrust Privacy & Security (DT P&S):  This program accredits against HIPAA Privacy and Security requirements for organizations also pursuing DirectTrust accreditation as a HISP. Beginning January 2020, this program will also be used for organizations pursuing DirectTrust accreditation as a Certificate Authority (CA) and/or Registration Authority (RA).

To begin the application process for the DirectTrust P&S accreditation please complete the application form through our website. Program criteria are located on the criteria page. Please contact DirectTrust for information on the HISP CA and RA program specific Accreditation Programs.

Also, are you looking for hands-on support to assist you through the pre-assessment steps, readiness planning process and more? Learn about EHNAC’s Consulting and Advisory Services which have been designed to support the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Programs.