EHNAC Hosts HIE Accreditation Workgroup for Criteria Development

EHNAC to host open workgroup on January 13th

FARMINGTON, Conn.-January 13, 2009-EHNAC invites participants for an open workgroup to review and discuss the proposal, workbook and criteria development of a health information exchange (HIE) accreditation program. The workgroup will be held through a conference call on Jan. 13, 2009 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. EST. This workgroup is being held as a follow-up to the previous workgroup which discussed the plan forward to address the questions and principles for development of a health information exchange (HIE) accreditation program.

The Jan. 13 conference call will focus on a review and feedback by the Advisory Panel regarding the draft guide and proposed criteria which include the principles, questions, and metrics to be used in developing a policy accreditation program. The goal is to discuss leading principles and questions that should be considered for inclusion in the EHNAC HIE accreditation program. A key objective of this project is to leverage as much as possible from work that is already being accomplished in the industry.

Representatives from across the public and private industry sectors are invited to participate and contribute their experience and perspectives regarding the Accreditation Proposal & Workbook and Proposed HIE Criteria. EHNAC received valuable information through the previous workgroup allowing the move forward with the next phase of discussion and joint collaboration.

To participate in this discussion, please contact Debra Hopkinson at for call-in information.