Work Starts to Accredit PHR, Portal Vendors

The Electronic Health Network Accreditation Commission, which the health IT industry sponsors to accredit various types of vendors who demonstrate adherence to best business practices, is launching a new accreditation program covering personal health records and patient portals.

The program comes as the electronic health records meaningful use program in Stages 2 and 3 places a higher priority on patient engagement and online access to their medical records. About 20 vendors that eye expanding their services by becoming health information service providers who offer secure messaging and other protective ways to transmit data asked EHNAC to consider creating an accreditation program, says Lee Barrett, executive director.

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EHNAC worked on the accreditation program with Direct Trust, a self-regulating entity created by vendors offering Direct Protocol secure messaging services. The organizations previously partnered to create an EHNAC-run accreditation program for health information service providers, registration authorities and certification authorities who support secure messaging services.

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