What’s The Future Of Healthcare? 31 Experts Share Their Insights

There’s a reason why we put our health above all. As the saying goes, if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing, The massive strides that healthcare has taken over the past century-plus are responsible for extending longevity and improving quality of life worldwide. It stands to reason that healthcare will only improve as the years pass, but what will progress in healthcare look like?

“As the threat of cyberattacks continues to affect a diverse set of industries, organizations must look to close privacy and security gaps across networks; address compliance vulnerabilities; assure preparedness plans and increase both cyber protection and ransomware prevention,” comments Lee Barrett, Executive Director & CEO, EHNAC. “In fact, this will continue to be a focus in the healthcare space where accreditation non-profits, certification firms and industry associations are collaborating to establish new programs that align with national efforts to address regulatory requirements across identity verification, authentication and privacy/security frameworks. We will also continue to see the shift by healthcare organizations in turning to the use of process best practices and the application of blockchain, cloud-based data storage and other enabling technologies, not only to enhance cybersecurity adherence, but also improve interoperability, and reduce administrative burdens.”

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