UConn Health wants employee mobile devices hacker-free

As more employers allow, and even encourage, employees to use personal mobile devices on the job, a practice often referred to as bring your own device, the security risk those devices create has become too great to ignore.

The risk is especially acute in healthcare, where hackers who worm their way into a provider’s network through an employee’s personal mobile device can shut the network down until the provider pays ransom, causing medical staff to scramble for information needed to treat patients. Hackers can also use stolen patient data to file fraudulent insurance claims or sell it on the black market for hundreds of dollars per individual file.

One provider taking multiple steps to secure mobile data is UConn Health, which oversees the University of Connecticut’s clinical care, advanced biomedical research and academic education in medicine. A primary focus of UConn Health’s data security strategy is securing employee-owned mobile devices used to access databases.

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