Thought Leader’s Corner, February

Lee Barrett was featured in “Thought Leader’s Corner” for the February issue of Readmissions News.

Readmissions News:

What are the benefits — and the limits — of the new mobile apps when it comes to patient and family engagement in a readmissions reduction strategy?

Lee Barrett:

Digital technologies, including ubiquitous mobile devices, will play a key role in transforming health care into a more-efficient, patient-centered system of care in which individuals have on-demand and real-time access to their medical records and powerful clinical decision support tools that empower them to actively participate in their treatment plans. As mobile apps become more user-friendly and technologies expand their reach to remote populations, they will be seamlessly integral to the provision and financing of health services. In addition, today’s providers are witnessing the value of next-generation apps in the reduction of hospital readmissions by focusing on the management of chronic conditions, patient data capture through self-monitoring devices, and health improvement applications from the parallel industries of fitness and wellness.

However promising, the crucial issue for apps will always be one of consumer trust – specifically in regards to the data exchange between stakeholders. It is critical that the industry continues to provide the appropriate level of regulations around privacy and security for protected health information, so that the issue of trust can serve as a market “enabler” rather than a market “barrier.”

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