Sounding the Drums for 2017

During HITECH Answer‘s feature on the 12 Days of Christmas, the outlet concluded with the sound of drums for what is to come in 2017. The editor asked 12 of their favorite drummers from this past year to help them see the future. Below is Lee Barrett’s prediction:

Lee Barrett, Executive Director

The biggest trend I see for healthcare in 2017 is the increased vigilance of healthcare providers and payers to protect their data. And because some of healthcare’s most damaging breaches have been caused by non-diligent/compliant third parties, this focus will extend beyond internal measures to their business associates (BAs) as well. An increasing number of organizations now require or will soon require BAs to have the same type of protection and controls they have through security audits and industry-recognized data security certifications. According to the Ponemon Institute, in the aftermath of a breach, healthcare organizations must pay on average of $2.2 million in remediation costs, while BAs are on the hook for penalties of more than $1 million. In 2017, the negative impacts and credibility loss with customers, patients and other affected participants of a breach are simply too high for any of healthcare’s stakeholders to ignore any longer. Here’s to wishing for a more “stakeholder-secure” and prosperous 2017!