Radio: HIMSS 13

Lee Barrett of EHNAC weighs in on health IT issues at HIMSS 13

As featured on HITECH Answers

HIMSS 2013 may have come and gone but HIMSS Highlights live on. HIMSS highlights are produced by HITECH Answers and represent a series of podcast interviews of C-level executives from leading health IT companies and agencies. It is always fascinating to hear what these leaders have to say about the current (and future) state of the industry. The interviews cover a range of topics including the latest health IT industry surveys, HIPAA Omnibus and data security, Interoperability and Big Data, and if the EHR/Health IT bubble will burst.

The audios can be heard throughout the broadcasting day on our Internet radio station, or you can listen below. To download any mp3, right-click on the audio player.

Lee Barrett, Executive Director of the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

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