Radio: Compliance and Medical Data Exchange

John Gilroy interviewed EHNAC’s Lee Barrett on the topic of compliance and medical data exchange.

As featured on Federal News Radio

On Wednesday April 10, 2013 Jason Miller wrote about the new Obama budget.

He noted that the Veterans’ Administration would get funding for electronic health records and an initiative that worked to develop an integration of health records.

Well, you can’t have interoperability until you all agree on standards for transferring this sensitive healthcare information.

Today’s show is an interview with Lee Barrett, the executive director of the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission.

This is the group that makes sure that your healthcare data is sent in a manner that is secure and private.

Back in the early 1990’s HHS was instrumental in starting an organization called the Workgroup for Electronic Data Exchange.

In those early years, hundreds of companies would have proprietary standards to exchange information.

It took years of battles to encourage hospitals, vendors, and federal data professionals to agree on the basics of exchanging information.

During the interview, Barrett talks about how HIPAA precipitated the rapid adaption of standards.

Today, EHNAC accredits a wide range of organizations in the area of secure messaging.

Surprisingly, banks are involved in transferring funds for healthcare payments and must comply over 100 guidelines for data transfer.