Microchip Implants: Big Brother in a Chip Coming Our Way?

As more organizations begin wading into uncharted territory, society will be forced to examine a host of new privacy and security questions – without easy answers
Back in 1969, when Star Trek’s fleet officers scanned their thumbs on a pad to pay bills, TV audiences got more than a dose of sci-fi. They gazed into the future.

That future is now a reality.

Since last August, earth-born employees at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based tech firm, have been breezing into their workplace, operating computers and making purchases at onsite vending machines – all by waving a hand implanted with a data-crammed microchip. Elsewhere, in Sweden, an early adopter of microchip implants in every day life, train conductors scan passengers’ hands after they book tickets online and register them on their chip.

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