HIE Requires More Research to Demonstrate Effectiveness

While studies on the electronic exchange of health information show some evidence of benefits for healthcare, the full impact of HIE on improving clinical outcomes and avoiding potential harms has been inadequately studied and needs additional research.

That’s the conclusion of a new analysis by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The 465-page assessment, prepared for AHRQ by the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center, is the result of a systematic review of available literature on HIE, including 136 total studies.

“No studies of HIE effectiveness reported impact on primary clinical outcomes (e.g., mortality and morbidity) or identified harms,” report writers conclude. “Low-quality evidence somewhat supports the value of HIE for reducing duplicative laboratory and radiology test ordering, lowering emergency department costs, reducing hospital admissions (less so for readmissions), improving public health reporting, increasing ambulatory quality of care, and improving disability claims processing.”


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