HATA Issues Public Endorsement of PMSAP

To the Valued Members of HATA:

As you may know, Healthcare Administration Technology Association (HATA), has been part of the development of the Practice Management System Accreditation Program (PMSAP). We have had three members participate in the beta testing of the PMSAP and each has fulfilled all the requirements to achieve program accreditation. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) collaborated and partnered with the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) to design, develop and launch PMSAP. The development of the PMSAP has been endorsed by a number of our nation’s leading healthcare membership associations who have helped to convey to their members the importance of a PM system receiving accreditation from EHNAC.

PMSAP offers a comprehensive evaluation of practice management system vendors in the areas of privacy, security, mandated standards and operating rules, and key operational functions. Additionally, the accreditation process assesses health information and oversight for meeting privacy and security, HIPAA and ACA requirements, as well as focuses on technical performance, business processes and resource management. Plus, the comprehensive program provides the PMS vendor readiness to support and implement ICD-10 and therefore a level of assurance to the provider community.

Offering credible, third-party recognition, the new Practice Management System Accreditation Program provides full confidence that PM systems adhere to the highest standard of quality and performance when dealing with healthcare information.

Development of the new program is guided by a formal advisory committee, which represents every major healthcare association, including MGMA, HIMSS and HATA. The voluntary committee also includes executive representatives of some of the biggest PMS vendor names in the industry.

As members of the association representing the PM system industry, we are in a unique position to endorse an accreditation program designed specifically for our industry. This distinction represents our willingness, as an association, to embrace an independent accrediting body. This in turn allows the provider community with reasonable assurances their PM system partners are of the quality expected.

HATA, the National Practice Management System Association, supports the PMSAP as a benchmark of quality for PMS providers.


Tim McMullen

Executive Director

Healthcare Administrative Technology Association