Exclusive Report: What Can U.S. Healthcare IT Leaders Learn, in the Wake of Wanna Cry?

What emerged on Friday morning, May 12, European time, and quickly spread across the world as one of the most intensive and extensive ransomware-based attacks to date, affecting organizational operations of all kinds in approximately 150 countries, seemed to have gotten somewhat under control by early this week, even as the attack has jolted the information technology world across the planet.

Variously known as the Wanna Cry or Wanna Decryptor ransomware virus, the phenomenon on Friday virtually shut down several dozen regional health authorities within the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, while simultaneously impacting the operations of such diverse entities as Spain’s national telephone service, La Telefónica; Germany’s railway system, Deutsche Bahn; automotive plants of the French car manufacturer, Renault; the Russian Interior Ministry; and universities in China and Taiwan.

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