EHNAC Announces Finalized 2018 Accreditation Criteria Versions for All Accreditation Programs

The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) (@EHNAC), a non-profit standards development organization and accrediting body for organizations that electronically exchange healthcare data, announced the release of new versions for all 18 of its accreditation programs for use starting January 1, 2018. The significant updates to the 2018 criteria are in a large part due to EHNAC’s recently announced partnership with HITRUST®. The two organizations have collaborated to streamline the security and compliance assurances of the healthcare industry, while reducing the complexity, redundancy and costs of pursuing both HITRUST CSF certification and any of EHNAC’s program-specific accreditations. All EHNAC accreditation program criteria, except CEAP, have adopted privacy and security requirements from HITRUST CSF V9.0.

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