DirectTrust Accreditation Agreement with EHNAC Extended

Healthcare could have more options for data security with the EHNAC and DirectTrust accreditation agreement being extended through 2018.

By Elizabeth Snell

DirectTrust recently announced that it extended its accreditation agreement with the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) through 2018. The DirectTrust accreditation agreement helps DirectTrust administer its DTAAP accreditation and audit for Certificate Authorities and Registration Authorities.

“This agreement extends the ability for EHNAC and DirectTrust to work together to ensure a secure and unyielding trust framework for all health care stakeholders by providing significant flexibility to Direct Exchange Network participants,” EHNAC Executive Director Lee Barrett said in a statement.

DirectTrust works to facilitate secure HIE through the Direct Protocol and forms secure HIE policies and standards.

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