Cooperative Exchange Members First to Hear Status on the EHNAC-HITRUST Assessor Program

During the January Membership Call, EHNAC’s Executive Director Lee Barrett and Senior Auditor Ron Moser provided an inside look at the Commission’s HITRUST Assessor Status. Cooperative Exchange members were the first to learn the latest about the EHNAC-HITRUST relationship as the call took place just one day after EHNAC became a formal HITRUST CSF Assessor.

Lee Barrett described how the process for achieving HITRUST Certification through EHNAC is now extensively streamlined for organizations that have already secured accreditation through one or more of EHNAC’s programs because of the significant reduction in time, expense and redundancy needed.

Specifically, the presentation outlined how…

  • HITRUST security and privacy provisions will fully replace EHNAC’s security and privacy criteria by May 30, 2017;
  • Organizations that have earned HITRUST certification will have 100 percent of their security and privacy credited toward a future EHNAC accreditation;
  • Organizations that have earned EHNAC accreditation will have developed most of their HIPAA-related HITRUST CSF privacy and security provisions to leverage toward a future HITRUST certification;
  • EHNAC will participate in key HITRUST workgroups to assure that Cooperative Exchange interests and requirements are addressed for future CSF versions; and
  • EHNAC is seeking to work with 2-3 EHNAC-accredited organizations as beta entities who are working to secure their first HITRUST certification.

For more information on how your organization can secure HITRUST Certification through an EHNAC Assessor, visit or call HITRUST at 855-448-7878.