Compliance and Security of PHI Build a Trustworthy Framework in Healthcare

Some say there’s nothing like a little controversy to spark interest in your organization. Others say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Call me old fashioned, but I contend, in healthcare, being featured on the Office for Civil Rights’ Wall of Shame or plastered on a news headline about a breach of personal health information (PHI) bad publicity, bad business and bad medicine.

As health information exchanges, mobile health, patient portals, new medical devices and telehealth proliferate, the opportunity for PHI to go astray during electronic transactions is escalating exponentially. In fact, according to the latest annual Redspin Breach Report, the number of HIPAA data breaches has jumped 138 percent since 2012 — and there’s no end in sight. Every day in the news headlines some health system, a laboratory, insurance company – even a county government – is lambasted, if not penalized, for disclosing PHI inappropriately, eroding public trust in sharing data.

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