A Nuanced Discussion of CISO-Level Challenges

At the Health IT Summit in Raleigh, CISOs and other cybersecurity experts engaged in a nuanced discussion of the complex issues facing healthcare IT leaders right now industry-wide.

A number of complex, nuanced issues at the CISO level came to the fore in a panel discussion on Friday afternoon at the Cybersecurity Forum, on the second day of the Health IT Summit in Raleigh, being held at the Sheraton Downtown Raleigh (N.C.), and sponsored by Healthcare Informatics.

The panel, entitled “Practical Tips for Creating a Cybersecurity Framework that Meets Your Privacy Standards,” was led by Lee Barrett, executive director of the Electronic Health Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). Barrett was joined by Johannes (John) Boehme , CISO, Wake Forest Baptist Health (Winston-Salem, N.C.); Chuck Kesler, CISO, Duke Health (Durham, N.C.); Chris Beal , director of security and chief security architect, MCNC (Durham); and Carl Cammarata , CISO at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago).

EHNAC’s Barrett opened the discussion by asking his fellow panelists, “What’s the single most complex and challenging issue your organization is facing right now with respect to security and privacy compliance?”

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